I didn’t start out wanting to work on games.

Before working in the games industry, I was an electronics technologist.  I worked on elevator controllers mostly, troubleshooting and repairing everything from relay logic to variable frequency drives.

I was bored at night so I started playing around with a program called POV-Ray.  I would write things in text files and it would render stuff.  I enjoyed that and decided to take a part-time course in 3DS-Max at a local school.  That got me hooked.

I signed up for a full-time course and year later I was working at BioWare.  That was the start of 17 years of making stuff for games.

My job titles have been: technical animator, technical artist, effects artist, environment artist, lead environment artist, lighter and lead lighter.  I just say yes to whatever people ask me to do so I can learn new things.

I worked on Baldur’s Gate II, BGII:Throne of Bhaal, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, Need for Speed Underground, NFS:UG2, NFS:Most Wanted, NFS:Carbon, Academy of Champions, Pure Football, and Speed Freeks (unreleased Warhammer mobile game).

The latest game I’ve worked on is Speed Freeks for iOS.